Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 2nd, 2011

A fucking BLOODY LIP is NOT "great bodily injury." I can't believe I plead guilty to a FELONY "battery with G.B.I." and that now I'm a "convicted felon," over that! EVERY guy I've met in here that took G.B.I. to trial, where the victim didn't have broken bones or stitches, won! Why? Because what makes battery (misd.) a felony G.B.I. is broken bones or stitches!! I really got fucked because I was scared to go to trial and risk the possibility of multiple years IF I was found guilty. Not to mention that the DA threatened to charge my best friend also, if I went to trial. Fuck the time, I hate the fact that I'll be on "formal probation" when I'm out. Hate the fact some loser, who FAILED at life, will be in charge of me and able to harass me. NO ONE says "I want to be a probation office when I grow up." He wanted to be a cop, or something else prestigious, but he FAILED and is now an angry/vindictive babysitter of grown men.

ANYWAY! How about that Bonds perjury trial? How many millions did the gov. waste trying to bust him for the "awful crime" of lying about his steroid use? And failed!! LMAO! Dumb fucks! The prosecutors should be brought up on charges for wasting tax payers money! Pro athletes do steroids! 70% +! Proof? Look at a sport where a lot of the body is exposed - BASKETBALL. Look at the athletes muscular development in the 70's and 80's, now look at the avg. b-ball player's muscle now, most are pretty jacked. Why?? Nevermind athletics, look at actors. Take a look at Will Smith's body in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" now look at him in "Legend." How is it that as a young man, he was puny, and now, aging, he's young in the face and ripped! How? Same goes for Stallone, LL Cool J, Brad Pitt, and the list goes on and on. Answer: "Testosterone therapy" (steroids) and growth hormones. And the shit isn't dangerous either. The anti-steroid campaign is as bogus as the anti-marijuana campaign. Marijuana is illegal for one reason, hemp vs. cotton. Hemp is better, cotton is "old money," and old money controls votes and politics = weed banned = hemp banned! Steroids gave Russian athletes huge advantages due to their understanding of them. During Cold War, that was no bueno! Solution = ban steroids "because they are dangerous." Truth be told, no in-depth study EVER suggested steroids are dangerous, especially when used moderately. Proof = bodybuilders: they are not dropping dead in record #'s yet they ABUSE the hell out of steroids. Why? Not fucking dangerous! Rebuttal: What about Lyle Alzado? He died from a brain tumor, so have MILLIONS of other humans, how can you say growth hormones/steroids were the cause? Mere speculation and B.S. Yeah, but Arnold had to get bypass surgery on his heart from steroids. LMAO! How many other men have had the same procedure!? My father died at 39 from a heart attack and never used steroids. Arnold's a joke of an example! Yeah but Chris Benoit killed his whole family cuz of "roid rage." Really? Was he not also an alcoholic/addicted to oxycontin? But they had no influence on his behavior, it was the steroids right? B.S. Alcoholics and drug addicts commit horrible violent crime ALL THE TIME! Shit, some people do it sober! How can you blame the steroids! It's all bullshit! ANYWAY, enough of my rage on B.S. government policy and "witch hunts."

So... I've been working on some new workout concepts I read about in this book "The Naked Warrior." I'm gonna give it a whirl for 2 weeks and if it doesn't hurt my pull-up progress, I'll continue. I hope it helps, I hope it isn't another B.S. gimmick. Another new thing I have been doing is wearing my shirt as pants... lol It's comfy! I got it from Jr. Seau's brother, he used to do it at the other jail. You know Samoans wear lava lavas? So it's kinda the same, a jail lava lava! When I go home I'm gonna buy some lava lavas to rock around the house!

Alright, so yesterday the U.S. SUPPOSEDLY killed Bin Laden. Interesting that they "buried him at sea" some 6 hours later... WTF!? Real interesting too that the DNA results came back positive in, what, 12 hrs.!? Even more interesting that the timing couldn't have been better for Mr. Obama and the government... just a week ago he FINALLY released a copy of his birth certificate to the public after like 4 years of certain people's hounding. Why out of the blue, did he choose then to FINALLY release it? And what better diversion for the people who suspect it to be falsified than the death of Bin Laden? Something stinks! I don't doubt they got Bin Laden, but I do doubt they killed him. YET. There is no reason to have #1, taken the dead body #2, dumped it in the sea! And so soon? The U.S. has a precedent with the Husseins to NOT do this. Much more likely they kidnapped him and are now torturing him to get information/revenge. BTW, I don't mind torture, I'm just making sense out of WHY they CLAIM, to have dumped his body in the ocean. I guarantee it didn't happen as claimed. I also bet a million bucks the President chose last week to release his birth certificate, KNOWING the U.S. was gonna hit Bin Laden yesterday, to steal attention from the fact that it was a FAKE.

Weird shit is going on out there people, we don't know shit! I just read a book "Forbidden Science" and WOW! Read it, you'll be in disbelief! Fucking weather control weapons, developed in Cold War days, as well as PSY weapons, fucking NUTS! Unbelievable really, except that the U.N. mentions the acceptable and unacceptable use of said devices and it's U.N. Treaties!! WTF!? Why don't we know about this!? Lastly, it said that when the Soviet Union collapsed such weather machines were sold off. Mention is made of a sale to the Japanese Yakuza. After the recent disasters with Hurricane Katrina and tsunami/quake in Japan, you have to wonder? Maybe stock market trading, timed with devastating "natural disasters," where a few know they're gonna make big $$$? Possibilities = endless. Get the book and trip out on it like I am.
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